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William H. White

Financial Expertise

Mr. White has fourteen years' experience as a portfolio manager, working with high net-work clients at two asset management firms - Fahnestock Asset Management, and Melhado, Flynn & Associates. As was the practice at both firms, Bill's use of funds and other products was negligible; his investments for clients was almost exclusively individual stocks and bonds. Further, neither firm employed model portfolios, and only Melhado, Flynn utilized a Recommended List. Bill thus had tremendous latitude in selecting stocks for client accounts, and, commensurately, significant responsibility for researching and monitoring those selections.

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Within his Finance major at NYU, Mr. White focused heavily on security analysis. He also took two finance courses worth noting: The Pricing of Futures, Options and Other Contingent Claims, and, during his final semester, Corporate Bankruptcy and Reorganization, with Professor Edward Altman. For his term paper Bill drew on his options course work to lay out a framework for how options pricing theory might be utilized to value the securities of companies in Chapter 11. Not only did Bill receive an A for the course, Prof. Altman was so enthusiastic about the paper that he encouraged Mr. White to consider revising it and then submitting it for publication. Bill worked on this project post-graduation and ultimately produced two papers on the subject, which he submitted to a handful of academic journals. (Despite Prof. Altman's expectations the papers were not published.) Copies of the papers may be found in the Downloads/Resumé tab of this web site.

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